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Lunch with Ange

Kathy Brock Meier & Elaine Engle Bielefeld traveled to Michigan City's Long Beach September 13 to meet a favorite teacher.
Ange Benz, known as Sr. Angeline at Noll, is still a delightfully vivacious woman who, though in her 80's, has the energy and schedule of a 26 year old. She leads a very interesting life of teaching angel classes, holding meditations and other spiritual meetings, and promoting social justice wherever she goes.

She suggested a restaurant on the harbor in New Buffalo MI that did not disappoint in any area. It was a day of good friends sharing a delicious meal and their unique stories. She took them on a tour of the lovely properties along the shore on the way back to her home.

Ange also enjoyed looking at photos from our 70th birthday parties and hearing how some of her favorite students are faring. Yes, she does remember you!


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