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A Proud Schreiner Legacy

We salute the entire Schreiner family and our very own Paul and the late Mary Ellen. So glad you are part of our story!
In the December issue of Noll Notes there is a lovely tribute to the Schreiner family and their deep commitment to and involvement in Bishop Noll from the very first Catholic Central class in 1921.
The Class of ’65 was fortunate to have two Schreiners, Paul and Mary Ellen, who were enthusiastic and talented contributors to the lively spirit in our class that continues to this day.
Mary Ellen passed away of cancer in 2010 displaying all the courage and faith of her heritage. Paul lives in Valparaiso and has been an active figure in the Noll community to this day.
The story of the Schreiner family is interwoven into the story of Bishop Noll. Noll could not be Noll without their commitment, sacrifice, investment, and drive. We all have benefited from this legacy and send our sincere thanks to them all.


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