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50th Dinner at Andorra in Schererville

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Celebrating our past, our present, & our future

A room full of great people

So much to talk about

Teacher Ray Golarz & Kathy Brock, Bill Schweitzer

Barb Benson Butcher & Noreen Draus Baker

Bob & Christine Kozol Popiela

Rosemary Leonard joined the Popielas for dinner

Slide show & stories

Ray Kolodziej, Dale Conger, Randy Lendabarker relive the glory

Sally King Zimmer's lovely table settings

Waiting for warm spirits on a cold rainy night

Becki Jeka & Kathy Miller Bondhus

Tory, Bob Kingsley, the Joe Foxes

Ron Sacwara & good friend John Fornari

Bruce & Joanne Skertich Perisho


Sally Zimmer catches Dave Croner & Georgette Mytych

Bob & Patti Komara

The Komaras & Terri Gargas Ligocki

Ed Grandys & Vera Brzezinski look over the memorabilia

Bob Kingsley & Barb Straka Culp

Janet Potasnik, Noreen Draus, Barb Benson, Bill Schweitzer

Cheryl Watts Lorance & Tina Jaracz husband Bill Bayne

Fun & laughter all about

Eileen McKern, Annette Gordon Dorn, Dale Conger

Oh, the memories

A tribute to those we've lost by Mary Alice Herod LaJoie

Cookie Zagar Stevens greets old friends

Whiting kids Tom & Phyllis Krull, Joyce Hruskocy Clouse

Ann Marie Poklemba, Kathy Miller, Bob Alexander, Mary DeWitt, the Perishos

Jerry King greets the gang

Kathy Fuss Dewey, Barb Benson Butcher, Ray Golarz

Felix Mesterharm, Barb Pszczola Mattingly

Full house

Annette, Cheryl, Nancy, Linda, vital committee members

Cookie Zagar, John Gerbas, Barb Straka

Terri Gargas, Kathy Miller, Ann Marie Poklemba

Kathy Miller, Cookie Zagar, Donna Kryszak

Thelma Stocki, Bob Backe

Eileen McKern, Cheryl Watts, Barb Straka

Still an unruly group

Henry & Jean Opach Liss, Barb Straka, Cookie Hines

Friendly greeters Linda Szymanski & Cheryl Watts

Marilyn Cak, Kathy Miller, Cindi Burney

Barb Mattingly & Kathy Derdula

Barb Straka & Joyce Hruskocy

Barb Straka & Jerry King

Bunny Fijit, Terri Gargas, Carol Krol, Cindi Burney

Cheryl Watts, Bill & Tina Jaracz Bayne

Ed Grandys & Mary Alice Herod

Cindi Burney, Terri Gargas, Jerry King, Sally King Zimmer

Georgette Mytych & Dave Croner

Jean Opach Liss & Cookie Zagar Stevens

Jerry King, Jim Wieser, Paul Schreiner

John Gerbas & Judy Conger

Joyce Hruskocy, Ruth Carlos, Cindy Krol

The always lovely Mary Alice Herod

Judy & Dale Conger, Ron Sacwara

Kathy Miller, Elaine Engle, Ann Marie Poklemba

Marilyn Rieder & Kathy Miller

Another woman with true school spirit

Mike Scheidt & Dan Nowlan

Marilyn Cak, Darlene Grass, Cookie Zagar

Tom Burke & Ted Zagar

2nd Generation Friendship, Margaret & Anna Mae's kids

Annette Gordon Dorn with MIke & Joyce Hruskocy Clouse

One of Our New Yorkers Joe Fox

Three men braved the cool morning for golf

Ron Sacwara brought medals for the golfers

Bill Schweitzer 1st, Ron 2nd, John Fornari 3rd

Three amigos with medals

Ist Place with a 78

Take one, he didn't like the light

Ron is always looking for fun

Take two, he didn't like the background

Take three, acceptable

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