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50th Sunday picnic

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Rick Dorn , the ultimate bartender

Mike Daumer has a twinkle in his eye

Marie Curiel, Magdalen Paz, Annette Gordon

John & Ruth Palis and Mike Daumer check out the photos & slide show

Cindy Krol & Cecil Garr

Joanna Dailey & Kathy Brock

Cindy, Cecil, Ann Purcell

Mike Daumer, Randy Lendabarker, Ivan Zimmer, John Gerbas

Marilyn Rieder & Elaine Kingsley

Glen & Thelma Stocki Mathews, Carol Krol, Sally King Zimmer

Kathy Brock, Cindy Krol, Bill & Tina Jaracz Blayne, Marlen Tokarz

Maria Curiel, Cookie Hines, Magdalen Paz

Terry Sherman '66 came with Patti Miller

Patti Miller & Cecil Garr look over the room

Ted Zagar pulls out charts for Felix Mesterharm, Vera Brzyzinski

Elaine Kingsley & Annette Gordon

Randy Lendabarker, Bob Kingsley, Joe Brzezinski

Magdalen,Marlene, Barb, Patti, Cookie

Patti Miller & Cecil Garr

Cookie Hines, Maria Curiel, Magdalen Paz

Magdalen, Marlene, Barb, Patti, Cookie

Joanna Dailey, Kathy Brock, Elaine Engle

Magdalen, Barb, Patti, Cookie

Magdalen, Annette, Maria

Randy, Annette, Maria, Terry Sherman '66

Maria, Cookie, Barb, Magdalen

We are the best cleaning crew!

Cheryl gets the job done

Nancy takes a turn

Bob Kingsley at the hotel breakfast club

Cindy Krol & Mary Alice Herod breakfast at the hotel

Dale & Judy Conger are part of the group

Dan Nowlan was there

Mary Ann Baker Fiegle dropped by to be with old friends

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