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70th Buffet Dinner and Gifts

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Grab Bag Gifts for All

Lovely Room

Bar set to go

Bill S greets Paul S, Jim C, Sally & Ivan Z

Yes, we do!

Our display table

Till we meet again...

Sally & Ivan Z, Bill S, Dave C

Dan H, Ivan Z, Rick

Patti K & Sally Z

Thelma M, Sue W, Joanna D

Another Trivia Board

Cheryl , Eileen M, Linda C, Ed G, Nancy K, Vera B

Kathy M, Ron S, John G

Nancy & Ton K

Ted Z. & Greg Z

Becky J & Georgette M

Eileen M, Rick and Annette D

Munster Kids Dave C, Carol K, Paul S

Georgette M & Bob K

Joanna D & Darlene M

Bill S & Elaine B

Cheryl L & Thelma M

Bill S & Paul S

Tom & Nancy K

Bill S

Elaine B

Kathy M & Bill S reminiscence

Our disco ball Patti & Bob K

Ivan & Sally Z, Bob & Patti K

Paul S & Dave C

Becky J, Carol K, Monica H, Carol K

Sally Z, Patti & Bob K, Ivan Z, Linda C

Rick & Annette D

Patti K, Sally Z, Marilyn A, Elaine B

Marilyn M, Joe B, Joanna D, Darlene M

Patti K, Sally Z, Georgette M

Bob K, Paul S, Dave C

Annette D, Bob K & Dave C

Georgette M, Becky J, Cindy K, Carol K, Annette D

Eileen M Posing with Cheryl L

Eileen M & Cheryl L

Ron S in his Italian suit

Tom K, Rick and Annette D, Bob K

John M & Greg Z

Ron S, Jim C, Joe B

Kathy M, Becky J, Annette D

Linda C, Ed G, Vera B, Cheryl L

John G & Bill S

Jim C, Eileen M, Sue W

Felix M & Bob B

Bob K, Elaine B, Sally Z, Linda C

Annette D, Ron S, Cheryl

Dan H & Rick D

Rick D, Ivan Z, Dan H

Eileen M, Bob K, Cheryl L

Dave C & Bob K

Patti & Bob K, Darlene M

Joanna D & Bill S

F-Dave C, Georgette M, Sally Z, B-Bob K, Ivan Z

Beautiful sisters Monica H & Becky J

Ron S, Jim C, Joe B

Ron & Annette giving out gifts

Nancy & Tom K, Marilyn A, Ed G

GQ Guys Bill S & Ron S

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